Updated June 2018

An Introduction to Vintage Assessments by Gilberto Bojaca

VINTAGE ASSESSMENTS is not a fashonable fancy website. It does not have inflated sky-high scores, nor paid-for reviews. As a consumer advocate, Michael Vaughan has dedicated his not-for-profit website to providing readers with critical honest reviews with realistic scores. In fact, this website provides the most complete set of detailed Vintages reviews and tasting notes anywhere.

Obviously, Michael loves to fish. And despite his youthful looks, he has personally reviewed every LCBO Vintages Release for the past 28 years. He first published the monthly CAPS Vintages release newsletter in 1980. The website currently provides readers with over 55,000 detailed Vintages reviews. It is the only public paywall-free source providing 100% coverage of every Vintages release with details on the agent and the number of cases available.

His tasting notes are based on the classic ISO tasting glass. Last year he tasted over 7,000 bottles which translates into 20,000+ sips and spits. His reviews also focus on special wines & spirits from importers and off-shore producers, Ontario winery-only selections & upcoming consignment wines. His exclusive insider trade-only information on upcoming sales & clearances is unique.

An internationally-accredited wine judge & a founding director of the Society of Wine Educators, Michael is one of Canada’s leading wine reviewers. He was a 9-year-award-winning weekly columnist at the National Post. Prior to that he was the wine columnist at the Globe & Mail, the Financial Times of Canada, Toronto Life Magazine, etc.

He travels the world judging wine and spirits - including the California state fair, Vinexpo in Bordeaux, VinItaly, Capetown and most recently the Canadian judge at the 2018 Concours Mondial du Sauvignon in Graz, Austria.

Joining Michael is TONY ASPLER a long-time wine columnist at the Toronto Star, founder of Ontario Wine Awards and recipient of the Order of Canada for his philanthropic work. Both Tony & Michael are members of the London-based Circle of Wine Writers and judge at wine & spirit competitions around the world. Together they are considered to be the most experienced, knowlegeable and trustworthy pair of independent wine reviewers in Canada.

You will find over 500 of his weekly features from the National Post archived on this not-for-profit website. Michael is actively involved with various fund-raing activities and, as a restaurant and food critic, theatre reviewer, travel writer and past university professor of economics, you are invited to contact him at mbv@uniserve.com